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Forum Features Garvey School Candidates

  • By David Barron

Five candidates for three positions on the Garvey School Board of Trustees fainted and jabbed at each other in a Candidates Forum sponsored Tuesday at Garvey School Auditorium. Election is Tuesday, Nov. 5. Polling places are scheduled to be open from 7 am. to 8 p.m.

All five candidates showed up at a forum sponsored by local PTA and run by the League of Women Voters. About fifty people were in attendance at the forum which was not labeled as a "debate," but had plenty of drama around several issues. The candidates are incumbents Bob Bruesch, Tony Ramos and John Yuen. Challengers are Maureen Chin, a school parent, and Richard Trabanino, also a school parent.

Candidates had time to introduce themselves and then answer questions from the audience, which included many teachers and school employees. At the end, candidates also had two minutes for closing remarks.

Bruesch, Chin and Trabanino are apparently running together, seeking to establish a new majority on the school board. Ramos and Yuen frequently vote together. After drawing lts, Bruesch Chin and Trabanino were seated  on the left side of the dais and Ramos and Yuen on the left.

The issues included a hefty pay raise for the district superintendent, lack of raises for teachers, changes in how the district is run and alleged lack of "collaboration" among teachers, parents and school administration in operationg of the small school district. Garvey District has 10 elementary and middle schools which serve residents of southern Rosemead and the eastern part of Monterey Park.

Also covered and a political mailer that was allegedly labled as a "PTA" slate endorsement card. The "PTA" stands for Parent Teacher Action group and is not related to the Parent Teachers Association formed by parents at community schools and which does not endorse candidates. It was not clear if the slate card was ever mailed to residents.

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