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Two Incumbent Lose Seats on Garvey School Board

  • By David Barron

Two challengers and one incumbent were elected to the Garvey School District governing board according to unofficial final results from balloting on Tuesday, Nov. 5, 2013.

Elected were Maureen Chin, incumbent Bob Buresch and Ronald Trabanino. Going down in defeat were incumbents John YHuen and Antonio Ramos.

Election results were as follows

Marureen Chin, 1,127 (28.1%)

Bob Bruesch, 1,089 (27.07%)

Ronald Trabanino, 972 (24,16%)

John Yuen, 444 (11.04%)

Antonio Ramos, 394 (9.72%)

After confirmation of the balloting, elected board members will take office in December. Garvey Schools has elementary schools in Rosemead and Monterey Park.




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