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Garvey Board Fires Superintendent

  • By David Barron

Garvey School District Board has officially fired embattled school district Superintendent Dr. Sandra Johnson. She had been in the position since August 2010.

Late last year, a newly elected Garvey School Board majority placed Johnson on paid administrative leave and began negotiating with her to leave the district.

Under the terms of her contract, the district will pay Johnson the balance of her contract which would have ended in September 2014.

Since the school board placed Johnson on administrative leave, the district has been run by Dolores Preciado, a former school official, and Virginia Peterson, former district superintendent. A district press release did not discuss plans for the future hiring of a new district superintendent.

School Board President Bob Bruesch said in a statement that the "Board felt that further negotiations with our former superintendent would be fruitless and we did not wish to use precious and limited District financial resources on a long court battle with her."

"We now need to concentrate all our energy to rebuilding the morale of the district so devastated by three years of divisiveness We must also direct our attention and resources to bridging the gap in preparation of our teachers for the new Common Core standards."

According to some sources, Johnson's strong management style was frequently at odds with  the teachers, union leadership, parent's groups and some school board members who are involved in day-to-day school operations. 


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