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Hot Issues before MPk Council Tonight (4-1-15

  • By David Barron

Three hot button items, including a moratorium on "Vaping Store", an ordinance amending regulations on illegal boarding houses and paying for sink hole repairs that have occurred recently will come before the Monterey Park city council tonight (4-1-15).

The proposed ordinance is supposed to regulate the huge number of illegal boarding houses that are located in Monterey Park and nearby cities, primarily serving new Asian immigrants and Asian tourists. The city says it has received more than 140 complaints from residents because boarding house cause parking problems and the comings and goings of strangers in neighborhoods.

The city will attack makeshift accommodates that are constructed into homes without city permits and are potentially hazardous. 

City council will also discuss a   urgency ordinance to temporarily prohibit the city from issuing permits for construction or operation of "vaping stores" that sell smoking devices that use chemicals instead of tobacco for smoking. The emergency ordinance requires support from at least four of the five council members.

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