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Will Monterey Park Become a Waterless Desert

  • By David Barron

Monterey Park residents and city council will find out whether will the city become a "waterless desert" in light of the statewide drought that has resulted in emergency proclamations by the governor. How the city is doing on water conservation will be discussed in a special report scheduled at the beginning of the council meeting on Wednesday, April 15.

Governor Jerry Brown has called for water conservation levels ranging from 25% to 30% depending on how successful cities have been in cutting back water usage.

Assistant City Manager Ron Bow is scheduled to make a presentation discussing how the statewide drought affects the city. Monterey Park already has a conservation ordinance on the books restricting wasteful water practices. The city operates its own water department headed by Bow. The city obtains it waters from underground aquifers which are replenished by rain and snowfall in the mountains. In an emergency, the city would have to buy expensive state water.

Last year, the city nearly doubled water rates, which some credit for conserving water. The city government has also replanted many of its medians and decorative gardens with drought resistant plants.

The city agenda for the presentation did not include a staff report as required by the State's Brown Act. Typically, city staffs have been presenting slide shows which may or may not be available in printed copies for the public.


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