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Water Users Need to Save More -- MPk

  • By David Barron

Residential and commercial customers of Monterey Park's Water Department will need to save more water -- a lot more water -- to meet the state's mandated 25% reduction in water usage because of the state's long-lasting drought.

Water users in Monterey Park have achieved a 15 percent savings in water usage, over previous years. Some of the reduced usage is credited to the near doubling of water rates last year to rebuild the city's ancient piping system.

Assistant City Manager Ron Bow, who also directs the water department, said the city has taken several steps to reduce water usage, such as replacing lawn on street medians with drought resistant plants. Already, most the city's restaurants do not serve water to customers, unless requested. He made a special report to the city council on Wednesday, April 15.

The city has water restrictions on the books which mandate water-saving efforts. However, the city has depended on educational programs, rather than enforcement to achieve good results.

The city gets it's water from wells that pump water from the San Gabriel basin. The underground water bank is replenish by natural rain water and snow melt in the mountains. When water is needed, it can be bought from other agencies. 

The Governor issued an executive order last week setting new conservation targets and urging increased enforcement against water waste. It also asked for investment in new technologies and response by all water agencies in the station. As a result of the state department of water resources is expected to issue detailed water restrictions.

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