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MONTEREY PARK - City Celebrates 5 de Mayo

  • By David Barron

The growing Mexican-American population in Monterey Park will celebrate Cinco De Mayo with music, dancing and food on Sunday, May 3 at the Barnes Park Amphitheater.

The celebration begins at 1 p.m. and will feature Folklorico dancers, Mariachi musicians, singers and a dance contest.

Lupita Infante, grand daughter of Mexico's famous singer, Pedro Infante, will perform as the headlining performer. She is accompanied by an Asian Mariachi who also sings duets with her.

The Cinco De Mayo fiesta is sponsored by a city committee and scores of community sponsors. Admission is free to the public. Mexican American food and refreshments will be sold. (10 page program for the event is attached and can be obtained by clicking here.

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