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Police Arrest Three Alleged Women Burglars

  • By David Barron

Monterey Park Police arrested three female suspects today (4/30/15) for allegedly attempting to burglarize a house located on the 300 block of East Andrix Street. 

Police responded when a neighbor reported that she saw two female suspects knocking on a residence door and then seeing them enter the backyard of a home.
Responding units saw two female suspects coming out of homes located on East Arlight Street. which is just south of the burglarized residence on East Andrix Street.
A containment was immediately established and a search was conducted. Officers checked several yards and confirmed that there was a burglary at the location that the neighbor had reported seeing the female suspects enter.
A silver Mercedes Benz was found parked in front of the burglarized residence. Inside the vehicle a third female suspect was located sitting in the vehicle. This vehicle belonged to one of the suspects.
Property from a burglary, which occurred in the City of Colton, Calif., was found in the vehicle along with other property not belonging to the suspects.
No other property or suspects were located in the containment area. The stolen property was booked into Monterey Park evidence room..
The suspects were identified as: Tia Butler, 22, Clishawanda Weakley, 23 and Amanda Carter, 25. All three were identified as residents of Los Angeles.
All suspects were booked for suspicion of 459 PC/Residential Burglary and are being held on $50,000 bail.

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