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MPk Council to Discuss Building Moratorium Because of Drought

  • By David Barron

Monterey Park City council will discuss  a "possible moratorium on all  new construction projects" when it meets on Wednesday, May 6, in the City Council Chambers.

The discussion was placed on the agenda by Council woman Teresa Real Sebastian, who has previously expressed concerns about  the demands put on city resources and traffic by several planned projects -- particularly new hotel hotel developments on North Atlantic Boulevard. Moratorium discussion is scheduled as Item 7-B at the end of the council agenda.

At least three new hotels and an 80-unit residential project is planned in the south part of the city by the Olsen Company. The housing project was approved by a vote of the public last year.

There was no staff report attached to the agenda item, which is typical when a discussion item is proposed by a council member.

Other items on the agenda include a second reading of an ordinance setting regulations regarding multiple families residing in residential homes and boarding houses. The council will also finalize an ordinance for a moratorium on "Vaping Stores" which sell tabbacco less smoking devices.

Another key item on the agenda is a proposal to award the City Spirit Bus contract to the First Transit Company. City council will also review fees and charges for miscellaneous public services.

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