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MPk Police Dog Injured by Bee Stings

  • By David Barron

A Monterey Park police dog was seriously injured when stung more than 50 times by bees while pursuing three burglary suspects last Saturday, May 9.
Initially, Monterey Park Police was responding to an early morning report that three suspicious persons had been seen in the area of 100 East El Repetto Drive. A neighbor reported that he saw three male subjects walking on the side of a home.

A responding officer saw two male subjects flee the area into the hillside behind the homes. Police containment was established and search of the area was conducted. During the search, police confirmed that a residential burglary had occurred. Three suspects were eventually located and arrested.
During the search, one of the Monterey Park Police Department K-9 called “Robin” disturbed a hillside beehive.
“The bees attacked the Officer and his police canine partner. The officer was stung approximately 18 times and the canine “Robin” was stung 50 to 60 times,” a city press release stated.
The officer was treated at the scene while a local veterinarian treated the police dog. The next evening, “Robin” became extremely lethargic and was taken to an emergency veterinarian facility.
She was diagnosed with severe anaphylactic shock due to the bee venom. She has been undergoing treatment ever since. “Robin” is currently in guarded condition, but has had problems with her liver, kidneys, and lungs.
The City of Monterey Park is covering “Robin’s” treatment, but in a show of support and concern for her, the Monterey Park Police Officers’ Association began an online request for donations through the Go Fund Me website in an effort to help off-set the City’s cost.
“The department and Police Officers’ Association is grateful for the contributions that have been made and everyone is hopeful that “Robin” will have a full recovery,” the police department press release stated.  

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