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$15 Million Fire Truck Crash Suit Settled

  • By David Barron

A news report has stated that a 53-year-old man who lost his leg as a result of an Alhambra Fire Truck crashing into a Monterey Park truck will receive a $15 million settlement.

The accident happened on April 16, 2014 when the Alhambra Fire Truck going south on Garfield Avenue crossed Emerson Avenue and hit the Monterey Park truck.

The Monterey Park fire truck, which was going truck going east on Emerson Avenue “veered” into the Lu’ Dumpling house at 330 N. Garfield Avenue when struck by the Alhambra fire unit.

The Monterey Park truck hit Kenneth Thai of Monterey Park as he was waiting to cross Garfield Avenue. And was in front of the restaurant. According to the Pasadena Star News quoting court documents said the Monterey Park fire truck “hit Thai and pushed him through the wall” of the restaurant “and left him pinned underneath the massive vehicle.” Thai’s right leg was crushed and he suffered many other injuries, according to the claim that was filed.
Both city fire trucks were responding to a fire in Monterey Park.

A report by the California Highway Patrol blamed the Alhambra fire truck for the accident. The cities are expected to go into mediation to resolve how the $15 million settlement will be divided

A number of people were injured in the accident and 22 claims were filed against the cities.
The read the entire Star News Story go to this following link.

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