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Monterey Park City Manager Talbot to Retire

  • By David Barron

Paul Talbot, Monterey Park's City Manager for the past six years, is "retiring" at the end of the year according to an announcement issued by the City today ( 10-4-16).

Before coming to Monterey Park,Talbot served as as councilman in the city of Alhambra. According to the announcement, he will return to his State Farm Insurance company that he and his wife, Regina, founded. Additionally, Talbot will join the Kelly Associates Management Group, which assists municipalities with executive staffing and management.

“On behalf of the City Council, I want to thank Paul Talbot for his leadership and tireless efforts to help Monterey Park. We’ve emerged from some difficult economic times with a much stronger foundation for the future. Paul’s vision extended from new business development to better community services to improved environmental practices. Monterey Park is well-positioned for growth and stability,” stated Mayor Mitchell Ing in a city press release.

During Talbot's period as city manager, Monterey Park and nearly all other cities struggled with the economic effect of the Great Depression,  which resulted in substantial budget cuts and layoff of  city staff.The City press release credited Talbot with the announced plans for the city Market Place Shopping Center in south Monterey Park, along the Pomona (60) Freeway. However no ground greaking has been announced for the shopping center. Major tenants of the center will include Home Depot and Costco.

The council is expected to take up discussion of a replacement city manager when it meets on Wednesday, Oct. 5.


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