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OPINION: Yes on MP Library Measure LL

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Letter to the Editor
Supporting the Monterey Park Library by voting yes on Measure LL is a no brainer, if you care about our city and its residents.
It is a renewal of the expiring Measure C special library parcel tax approved by the voters 20 years ago. Combined with winning a $9 million State Library Grant, the results were doubling the size and construction of our excellent library building.

The Library is now the educational and cultural center of our City with often over 1,000 patrons a day. Mothers with children, students of all ages, adults and seniors use the library facilities, services, collections, technology and special programs extensively for their education, culture and entertainment. There is a high demand for literacy, citizenship and technology classes.
A library consultant found that the Monterey Park Library is highly used. However, it is underfunded with fewer service hours, staff, and collections, compared to similar sized city libraries. Sadly, it is currently open only 3 hours on Fridays and Saturdays. Measure LL will guarantee funding for a better library for our residents and will enhance the city and your property values. The alternative would be damaging to the library and it will be closed on Saturdays and Sundays.
We have been long-time advocates of the library, dating back to Measure C and we urge all to vote for Measure LL next Tuesday.
Yukio & Lilian Kawaratani

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