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City Responds to Police Officers Contract Issues

  • By David Barron

The City of Monterey Park lashed out at allegations that it had not been negotiating fairly with the Police Officers Association (POA) in contract negotiations the past year.
Members of the Police Officers Association are expected to be at tonight’s council meeting to continue pressing their case before the city council.

The Police Union said publicly at the last council meeting that the police officers had not received a pay raise in eight years and had accepted reduce pay during a difficult economic period.
In response, the city posted “Pertinent information” on its website concerning the status of the labor negotiations with the Police Officers association.

The city response can be downloaded by visiting the city website at, or via the following URL:
In its published response, the city said it had made an offer that the police officers association had turned down.

The city said the offer included a 5% percent pay raise for police officer and corporal levels, effective July 1, 2016. The city also offered a number of increases in benefit.

“The POA membership rejected the tentative agreement reached at the collective bargaining table on January 4,” the city statement said.
“The POA nofied the city of the failed ratification vote and requested to schedule a meeting with the city when their labor negotiator returned from a leave of absence.”
Apparently, several dates were discussed but no meeting is reported to have occurred.

In a press release issued Tuesday, Randy Esparaza, president of the Police Officers Association said, "Our members are on the front line of public safety in this city, so are we in the best position to understand the real risks. With registered sex offenders, gang members and parolees outnumbering police three to one, it is our duty to let the Council know how serious the situation has become."

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