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MP Council Rejects Eve Statue for Cascade

  • By David Barron

Monterey Park City Council rejected a proposal by a Los Angeles art group to place a statue of Eve at the mid-point of Monterey Park’s iconic Cascade water feature located near Atlantic and El Portal streets.
The revised proposal by Equitable Vitrines, a non-profit art group based in downtown Los Angeles, was to place a statue of Eve in a small pond at the midpoint in the Cascades. Originally, the non-profit group had proposed termporily replacing the statue of Athena located at the top of the waterfall.

At the council meeting of April 19, city council members heard from more than 25 speakers that included many residents. The council voted 5-0 to reject the proposal.
Residents had spoken a two previous council meeting opposing the proposal by Equitable Vitrnes and suggested they place the proposed statue at one of the dozen other city parks that do not have any art.
They expressed concern about changing the appearance and historic value the Cascade Park that includes a waterfall that leads down to the El Encanto Building, a historic venue. The location is just off of Atlantic Boulevard at the intersection of El Portal Street and De La Fuente Street.
Equitable Vitrines proposed placing a statue of Eve at the mid-point of the falls where a small oval pond is located. Matt Connolly, spokesman for Equitable Vitrines said in a letter that the proposal had been revised to address concerns voiced by number of residents at a previous council meeting.

In response to a suggestion that the statue of Eve be placed at another location,Matt Connolly, a spokesman for the proponents said that Equitable Vitrines would cancel the project if it were not able to locate the statue of Eve at the Cascades Park.

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