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Teachers' Union Fighting Superintendent's Contract Renewal

  • By Shel Segal
ROSEMEAD - As part of this Thursday's meeting, the Garvey School District Board of Education will be most likely deciding whether or not to renew the contract of Superintendent Sandra Johnson, a move that is adamantly opposed by the Garvey Education Association.
The meeting will take place at 6:30 p.m. at Garvey Intermediate School, located at 2720 North Jackson Avenue in Rosemead.
Michael Drange, president of the association and a music teacher at Garvey Intermediate, said the union's members voted 96 percent supporting a no-confidence last spring against Johnson. He added while he is prepared to see the board renew the contract, he hope it doesn't happen as it is too expensive for the district.
"The proposal is to bump her salary from $148,500 to $170,000, plus another $14,000 in benefits, such as retirement and an annuity," Drange said. "The total extra cost to the district is about $35,000. We can't afford that. (The district has been) bargain with (the association) for furlough days and fringe benefits cuts. We oppose the contract renewal and the salary and benefits increase."
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