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Rosemead To Hold Prayer Breakfast On Nov. 12

  • By Staff Reports
ROSEMEAD - The Rosemead Kiwanis Club and the city of Rosemead are sponsoring a revival of the Mayor's Prayer Breakfast on Nov. 12 at the Garvey Community Center.
The city's last Prayer Breakfast was held 15 years ago and is a project of the Rosemead Kiwanis Club with the cooperation of Rosemead Mayor Sandra Armenta and city officials.
In the past, the Prayer Breakfast was an annual event where residents of all faiths could gather with city officials in prayerful reflection. This year's event will honor those American men and women who have fought to protect the ideals of this nation and served America in the Armed Forces.
The breakfast will coincide with the observation of Veterans' Day by many community organizations.
The Prayer Breakfast will begin at 8:30 the center, which is located at 9108 Garvey Avenue in Rosemead.
For further information or for tickets, call Rosemead City Hall at (626) 569-2100, the Rosemead Chamber of Commerce at (626) 288-0811 or the Rosemead Kiwanis Club (626) 571-7812.

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