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Rosemead Council Hears Proposal For New City Park

  • By David Barron

ROSEMEAD – A preview of a proposed five-acre Jay Imperial Park was presented to the Rosemead City Council at its meeting of Feb. 12.


The five-acre park is proposed on San Gabriel Boulevard, south of Garvey Avenue, extending to the west on two parcels next to Pine Street and Falling Leave Avenue. City staff said they are currently negotiating the use of the transmission line right-of-way with Southern California Edison, the property owners.


David Montgomery-Scott, city parks director, said development of the proposed park could cost nearly $1 million. It will be funded by a number of city and state sources, including the San Gabriel Rivers and Mountains Conservancy grant, transportation funds and some city general funds.

The park is to be named after Jay Imperial, a long-time councilman who passed away.

Montgomery-Scott said the a dream list  of park amenities originally included parking, walking/jogging paths, dog park, sports court, adult exercise equipment, lighting, landscaping and some other typical park facilities.

Edison rules, however, prohibit permanent structures such as a restroom building and other pieces of equipment. Those rules may also prevent having a dog park because of safety concerns by the utility company. City staff has also met with some of the nearby neighbors to hear their concerns and provide solutions to any problems.

Councilmember Steven Ly’s suggestion for a skate park would also not be allowed because of support needed for wooden mobile skate parks.

Councilmember Polly Lo asked about annual maintance cost and Montgomery-Smith responded that it would cost about $10,000 a year, depending on the amount of turf included in the landscape design.

City council authorized the city manager and staff to continue negotiations with Edison to obtain approval to construct the park facility. If an agreement is reached, it would have to be approved by the California Public Utilities Commission, which regulates public utilities.

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