ROSEMEAD: Surviving a Pretend Emergency at the Park

GuitarPlayer-webROSEMEAD: Pretend a natural disaster has made your home unliveable. What do you do.


Andrew Serra, a guitar teacher, seranades his visitor Kimberly Corona after setting up his tent. - Barron Photo



Evacuate, of course, to a designated temporary location at a park, a gym or even the back yard. That's what they pretended to do on Friday, August 2 for an overnight mock emergency that lasted until 10 a.m. the next morning.


MoreTent-WebVersAbout 100 families and other pretend evacuees, made their home at Rosemead Park. It wasn't a bad place to stay! the baseball field grass was thick and soft, clean public restrooms nearby, and live music from the weekly summer concert by the city.

The "evacuees" included Cub Scouts from St. Anthony's School, senior citizens, school board members, multi-family groups and some young couples.

The purpose of the exercise was to show people that they have to be self-supporting for several days in the event of a major disaster. If such a thing happens, they will have to be prepared to provide their on shelter, food and water for several days, according to the city of Rosemead.

ScoutPak-WebSo the people that showed up for the event, were prepared with tents, ice chestswith food, bottled water, small barbecue units, sleeping pads and bags, blankets, small tables, battery lanterns, games and even a few guitars to play some music.

The overnighters were there promptly at 6 p.m. Friday and began setting up their tents, some of which still held some sand and dust from the last camping trip. We heard they also left promptly the next morning, heading for breakfast.




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