Rosemead Goes to College -- PCC That Is!

Coming to Rosemead was “an ideal opportunity” for Pasadena City College, a senior college official said on Thursday.
(Left: Ron Robertson and Robert Bell. Barron photo)

Speaking before a Rosemead Kiwanis Club meeting at the Rosemead Doubletree Inn, Robert Bell, assistant superintendent and senior vice president of academic and student affairs, said having a site in Rosemead just made sense for the Pasadena City College Community College District.

“The budget looks good for particularly community colleges – and for all of higher education – projected for the next three to five years, minimum,” Bell said. “When we took on the agenda of growth at Pasadena City College the questions came up where are we growing and how are we growing? All of our students on this side of the district – i.e. Rosemead – were going to Rio Hondo College because it is easier to drive to Rio Hondo than it is to Colorado Boulevard.”
Bell added that a site in a city to the south like Rosemead was needed to suit the students who live here who don’t want to drive all the way to Pasadena.
He also said that moving to the site of the old El Monte Unified School District Adult School near the intersection of Rosemead and Valley boulevards was a perfect fit for PCC.
“If you’ve been in the building you know that it’s turnkey,” he said. “There’s really nothing we had to change, except change the sign, put the computers on and really just open the classrooms. It was an ideal opportunity for us.”
In addition, Bell said the college knew from the beginning that it would be here to stay in Rosemead.
“After the first four weeks we realized everything had worked very well, we had been incredibly embraced by the community of Rosemead and we continue to hear can we continue to push this agenda forth,” he said. “So, the profile for PCC in Rosemead is to grow.”
The college is also operating a full load of classes as it starts out, not just one or two, but many classes in many different disciplines, Bell said.
“This semester we are offering as full a comprehensive schedule as we can,” Bell said. “We have 16-week classes and are also offering a number of late-start classes and weekend classes. We are offering a number of classes at the site on Rosemead on Saturdays and on Sundays.”
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