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Councilman Back on the Job

  • By David Barron

Steven Ly is back on the job as councilman in the City of Rosemead.

Ly had been gone since December 30 2013, when he volunteered for the U.S. Army Reserves and left for Army Basic Training and Officer's Candidate School.

During the the interim, Ly's council seat was filled by Jean Hall, a long time resident of Rosmead and a close friend of the councillman.

Ly returned to the Council at its meeting of Tuesday, June 10, and was promptly resworn into office by Rosemead City Clerk Gloria Mallada.

The city attorney had ruled that the temporary appointment of Hall was possible under the law because of Ly's military service.

Ly also posted on Face Book that "federal and state laws, respectively, protect my job and council seat."

Ly was originally elected to the Rosemead City Council in March 2009, the youngest council member to serve in city history.

A photo of the swearing in ceremony was posted on the city's Facebook Page.

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