Dozens Make Dinsmoor Museum Fundraiser Luncheon a Success

  On a nice sunny afternoon on June 25, 2016, there were dozens of history fans who attended Dinsmoor Heritage House Museum's Isabel Dinsmoor Annual Luncheon to fundraise for needed repairs inside the museum.

  Attendees enjoyed a plentiful and delicious lunch of food and almost as many home-made desserts under the oak trees on the museum grounds, said Julie Gentry, director of the museum on Steele Street in Rosemead.

Gentry added that, "We are thrilled once again the turnout was good despite a little warmer weather, and everyone had fun enjoying the food and prize drawings."

  The outside and roof of the museum, and the garage have been restored and the museum members keep raising funds to repair the inside that was damaged by a water leak.

  Gentry said the members are thankful the City of Rosemead bought the property a few years ago from the Dinsmoor family and has allowed the museum to continue to preserve Rosemead history.

  Gentry thanked museum member volunteers, the City of Rosemead staff for helping set up in the morning, and thanked Rosemead High School girls basketball teams for serving and cleaning up, especially when the other volunteers are tired. "We always appreciate the Rosemead High School girls basketball players to help us because they are very respectful and pleasant volunteers and do a really good job of being helpful whatever we ask them to do."

  Dinsmoor Museum will have its Annual Christmas Open House on the first Saturday in December from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. More information is available from www.dinsmoorhouse.org.


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