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Big Ceremony Remembers Sept. 11 at Rosemead Memorial Site

  • By Chuck Lyons

   ROSEMEAD – City of Rosemead celebrated September 11th Remembrance Ceremony in the afternoon of Sept. 11, at Rosemead Civic Center with residents, visitors, city and other nearby civic officials and County of Los Angeles Fire and Sheriff departments participating.
The event started with USA flag hanging from a county fire tall ladder truck as buglers Larry Ballenger, Bailey Chen, Julianne Rose, Bryan Rose, and Mark Riebs played the Star Spangled Banner. It was interesting that the USA flag that had flown up under the fire truck’s ladder up until that time, dropped straight down at attention as the wind stopped during the banner music. As soon as the music stopped the wind blew the flag back up under the ladder even though the flag was weighted.

  City of Rosemead Mayor Sandra Armenta welcomed the crowd, local Pastor Tim Clark did an Invocation, and sheriff’s deputies did the flag raising.
  Rosemead High School Chamber singers sang USA National Anthem, City of Rosemead City Council members led the Pledge of Allegiance, City of Los Angeles Police Department 77th Street Area Cadets and County of Los Angeles Fire and Sheriff department Explorers paraded all 50 state flags in USA, while Michael Drange played tubular bells.
   Rosemead Mayor Armenta and council members and a few dignitaries from area city, county, state and federal governments made remarks. Armenta said “thank you very much all the first responders.” Rosemead City Councilwoman Margaret Clark said, “I think how important it is that we celebrate this memorial event. We need to never forget.” Rosemead Councilman Steven Ly said, “Pat Tillman, a National Football League player, entered the USA Army and later died in Afghanistan. We should think about how we can best serve others.”
   Rosemead city council members and county fire station 42 on Valley Boulevard then placed a wreath at the 911 memorial that includes a steel beam that was part of one of the World Trade Center towers from New York that was blown up. There was a moment of silence and then the buglers played Taps before everyone walked around and looked at displays in the civic center plaza while Rosemead High School Chamber choir did a patriotic mini-concert.
   Next to the Plaza were five police cars with every person’s name who were killed in the Sept. 11 attacks across USA. Actor Kevyn Major Howard is president of the group, Fueled by the Fallen, that tours the cars. The cars include names of all people who died at four crash sites on Sept. 11. He said, “Teach a child to thank a hero today. Teach respect, receive respect.” More information about the Sept. 11 memorial cars and the tour is available at
   Another interesting moment was one woman walking up to the first car and said to another woman, “look there is Dad’s name.” Stacey and daughter Samantha read about the Sept. 11 memorial at Rosemead Civic Center plaza, were in town visiting and decided they would drive to see it. They were surprised Rosemead had such a big memorial event. “It’s so far away from New York and it’s really nice to know people are thinking about it,” said Stacey. “The part of the tower building steel in the Rosemead memorial is a beautiful symbol. We lost lots of friends. Where my husband worked there were 30 people who had worked together 15 years. All we did for weeks was go to funerals. We have kept in touch (with their families) as a way of support.”
Samantha said her father “Brendan was the most generous person.”

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