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San Gabriel: Rash of Home Robberies

  • By Staff Reports
Local police departments are investigating a recent rash of eighteen driveway robberies seven of which have occurred in San Gabriel and several others in Alhambra and Monterey Park
The robberies have typically occurred when the victim was alone had returned home late at night (between 11 p.m. and 4 a.m.), and is in the process of parking a vehicle in the driveway or garage.
Police said the victim is usually approached by the robber demanding money. According to the San Gabriel police, in a majority of the robberies, the suspect has
displayed a handgun.
Although the suspect's description has varied, the general description is male, 5'-7" to 6'-0"
tall, 180-200 pounds. The suspect is dressed in dark clothing and his face has been covered with either a ski mask
and/or bandana.
"The San Gabriel Police Department would like to remind residents to be vigilant and know your surroundings," a city announcement stated.
Below are some personal safety tips issued by the San Gabriel police:
• If possible, travel with a companion; this is especially important when it is dark outside.
• At night, walk in well-lit parking lots and well-traveled areas. Avoid walking while talking on a cell
phone and/or looking downward.
• Don't overburden yourself with shopping bags or a purse. Carrying too much marks you as a victim.
Place your purse in a shopping bag, not on your shoulder where criminals see it and where it is easier
to steal. This also leaves both hands free. If you carry a purse, carry it securely between your arm and
your body. Although a purse snatcher's intent is to steal the purse, your personal safety may depend
on not clinging to it.
• If you suspect you're being followed, turn and walk quickly in the opposite direction, and go to a welllit
and well-populated area.
• Don't carry more cash than you actually need and don't flash large sums of money at restaurants, bars,
retail stores or banks - you never know who is watching. Don't carry credit cards if you aren't planning
to use them.
• Walk on the side of the street facing oncoming traffic. This will prevent a car from "sneaking" up on
• Be aware of locations and situations that would make you vulnerable to crime, such as alleyways and
dark parking lots.
• Do not make yourself an obvious target. When practical, avoid wearing expensive, noticeable clothing
or jewelry if you are going to be on the street.

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