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San Gabriel, Alhambra Lead Local Floats in Rose Parade

  • By David Barron

SanGabrielFloat3copyWest San Gabriel communities will literally “blossom” when the 2013 New Year is welcomed with the annual Rose Parade in Pasadena.
Leading the local cities will be the city of San Gabriel which will kick off the celebration of its centennial with a Rose Parade float, the first in nearly 40 years.

 At left, San Gabriel's float. To see rendering of Alhambra float, click on read more.

While the San Gabriel dates back to 1771, the modern city of San Gabriel traces its beginnings to April 24, 1913, when the electors of San Gabriel voted to Alhambra2013Floagincorporate. With that action, San Gabriel became the 28th incorporated city in Los Angeles County – and a new history began. San Gabriel’s float will be No. 61 in the line up.
Several other local cities including Alhambra (No. 73), South Pasadena (No. 57), Sierra Madre (No. 90) and La Canada (No. 10) will be mixed with the numerous commercial floats that dominate the colorful Rose Parade celebrations. International floats include China Airlines’ “Cycling Through Paradise (No. 44).
Other volunteer sponsored floats have been supported by the, Kiwanis Clubs (No. 8), Rotary Clubs (No. 17) and Lions Clubs (No. 54. Many of their local members and related youth groups have been hard at work decorating the floats during the last two weeks.


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