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San Gabriel Refuses to Install Councilman

  • By Staff Reports

ChinHoLiaoMugWebversSAN GABRIEL - With several questions still hanging over the recent city election, San Gabriel refused to install Chin Ho Liao, one of the three council persons elected on March 5.


At left, Chin Ho Liao



The council voted Tuesday, March 26 not to swear in Councilman - elect Chin Ho Liao and ordered the staff to conduct a hearing on the question of Liao’s residency in the city.


The action took place after the City Clerk (or deputy city clerk) certified the results of the election results confirming that Liao, first-time councilman Jason Pu and incumbent Kevin Sawkins received the most votes.

Allegations about Liao’s residency in the city of San Gabriel were filed in writing by Fred Paine, a city resident. He claims that Liao does not live in the apartment listed on his voter registration and that Liaao’s wife and daughter live in a home outside of the city boundaries.

Council also  ordered the staff to launch an investigation into ten separate election complaints, The complaints alleged that poll workers at precincts one and six were “electioneering” by telling voters who to vote for during the city election.

According to news reports, the District Attorney's Office and the city clerk's office have received the reports and investigations are going on.

A complaint has been filed in the clerk's office by Paine, a San Gabriel resident, who alleges that Liao's home address of 8541 Loraine Road is not located within the boundaries of city of San Gabriel. He alleges that Liao rented an apartment within the city to able to run for the council seat, but actually lives at the Loraine Road address.

Liao did not deny moving to an apartment within San Gabriel and said he changed his voter registration six months before the election.

At tonight's meeting the council Staff is recommending that the council appoint a hearing officer for the election issues.

Attorneys for Liao have threatened court action against the ciy in response to the council’s decision.
They say that the council does not have the authority to vote on candidates’ qualifiations or residency.

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