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Liao Files Suit for San Gabriel City Council Post

  • By David Barron

A Superior Court Judge has ordered the city of San Gabriel to appear at a hearing on May 14 over the seating of Chin Ho Liao as a city councilman. Liao was one of the winners in the March 5 city council election but the San Gabriel council refused to have him sworn into office becauses of allegations by one resident.

The resident asserted that Liao was not a legal resident of San Gabriel.

Court action came after a suit was filed by Liao naming Mayor Kevin Sawkins and the city council. It asked that the city council seat Liao immediately.

The San Gabriel council earlier promised it would hold a public hearing over the allegatiions raised about Liao's residency, according to Marcella Marlowe, assistant city manager who directs the operations of the San Gabriel City Clerk office.

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