San Gabriel Approves Crowne Plaza Hotel Proposal

CrowneplazaHotelWebVersSAN GABRIEL -- The City of San Gabriel’s Planning Commission and Design Review Commission have voted to approve entitlements for the proposed Crowne Plaza Hotel at the intersection of Valley Boulevard and Palm Avenue. The city expressed hope that the $60 million investment will be a “major step forward into the revitalization of Valley Boulevard, including new jobs, economic activity, infrastructure upgrades and streetscape improvements.”

The project does not require city council approval except for a street vacation request, according to Jennifer Davis, director of economic development.

Planning for the 316-room hotel, featuring two restaurants began almost two years ago. Three community meetings were held by the developer to solicit public input.

“ The way in which developer Global Valley, LLC responded to neighborhood concerns about traffic, parking and other related issues was a factor in the decision of the Commissions to approve the project,” a city newsletter stated.

The city said that Global Valley changed the design of project driveways to prevent cut-through traffic in the surrounding neighborhoods, agreed to install traffic calming features on Palm Avenue, and will utilize a parking management plan that includes valet and tandem parking. These solutions were shared at the community meetings.

“The Crowne Plaza will yield significant economic benefits to the City.” The city press release stated and citing approximately 300 full- and part-time jobs in the staffing of the hotel and its restaurants, over $1.2 million in plan check and permit fees, $1.8 million in development impact fees, and an estimated $2 million per year in transient occupancy tax revenue.

The City’s general fund will also benefit from sales tax revenue from the hotel’s two restaurants, sushi bar, lounge and convenience store. Smith Brothers Restaurants, proprietors of Pasadena’s Parkway Grill, Arroyo Chop House and Smitty’s Grill has announced it will open a Smitty’s Grill inside the Crowne Plaza. The hotel is expected to be an economic catalyst for the neighborhood.

“The approval of this project is validation that San Gabriel is the place to be,” said Mayor Juli Costanzo. “We are developing a reputation in the region as a place where culture, food and travel intersect. The Crowne Plaza will help fulfill that mission.”

The final step in the approval process is getting permission from the City Council to abandon an existing alley that serves the site. The Crowne Plaza Hotel is expected to open in summer 2015.

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