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Las Tunas Drive Paving Project Begins

  • By David Barron

The long awaited Las Tunas Drive repaving project is finally underway, smoothing over one of the city’s largest arterial streets. The $3 million project is the city’s largest street paving project in nearly a decade. The project will consist of repaving almost a mile of the nine lane road from Muscatel Avenue to San Gabriel Boulevard. Las Tunas Drive carries more than 30,000 cars every day.

To celebrate the beginning of the project, council members, city staff and construction officials will host a groundbreaking ceremony on Feb. 10 at 11:30 a.m. at the former O’Donnell Chevrolet site, at the corner of Las Tunas Boulevard and Gladys Avenue.
“This is one of our busiest arterials and it’s the one that is in the worst condition. It’s also part of a vibrant economic corridor for San Gabriel, so this project is very important and will be of great benefit to the city and the region,” Public Works Director Daren Grilley said. “Rebuilding the city’s critical infrastructure is the top priority for the community, the City Council and city staff, and this project is a major step toward achieving that goal.”
The project will also involve pavement recycling, meaning the majority of the old asphalt will be repurposed to pave the new road. This is the first San Gabriel street project to utilize this technology, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions, saves money and reduces the time it takes to complete the project. In addition to street paving, the project will also include the city’s first bike lanes, as well as various intersection safety improvements.
The City Council awarded the construction contract to Sequel Contractors in November and work began in late January. The project is scheduled to be completed by this summer. For more information, contact Public Works Director Daren Grilley at 626.308.2825 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
SOURCE: San Gabriel City press release.

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