SAN GABRIEL: Recount Confirms Menchaca Win

A manual recount of ballots form the March 7 muncipal election in San Gabriel has confirmed the election of Denise Menchaca to the City Council. She placed third in the election, edging out Mario Delatorre by eight votes.

Delatorre requested and paid for the manual recount by the County Registrar Recorder at their Norwalk offices. The recount cost De La Torre more than $3,000. The ballots were counted Friday, March 31 and completed Monday, April 3.

At the end of balloting last March 7, preliminary count had Menchaca with 1,528 votes or 16.10% ov the vote and De La Torree with 1,520 votes or 16,02%. A spokesman for the Registrar Recorder said the vote remained the same after the recount. Final official vote will be posted Tuesday, he said.

In the San Gabriel City Election, incumbents Jason Pu and Chin Ho Liao were re-elected. The third spot for the city council race was held by Menchaca, who led by the small number of votes at that time.

In a previous election Menchaca, lost by only 1 vote after a city-paid recount.

Here is the previous announced results of the election.

Jason Pu 1,804 (19.01%)
Chin Ho Liao 1,727 (18.20%)
Denise Menchaca 1,528 (16.10%)
Mario Delatorre 1,520 (16.2%)
Scott Bowles 1,261 (13.29%)
Eric L. Chan 1,088 ((11.43%)
A.J. Faure 566 (5.96%)

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