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Smart Car Saves Gas

  • By SGV Journal

Vince Chang with his new Smart Car.This little car is a big gas saver. With gasoline prices soaring over $3,50 a gallon, Vincent Chang is happy he bought his little gas-miser produced in Europe by Mercedes-Benz.

There are only a few thousand of the tiny models in the US. Chang, a local attorney, ordered his a year ago and waited patiently to get his car.

The Smart For2 comfortably sits two adult passengers. It is powered by a three-cylinder engine that can hum along at freeway speeds, but is really designed for urban driving. It features an automatic stick shift.

He basic model ells for about $12,000 but the price can go up to over $16,000 with options.
Advertised gas-mileage is between 35-40 miles per gallon. Chan recently drove his car to Monterey Park’s Lunar New Year Festival and got plenty of interest. In fact, anywhere he drives or parks his car, he is sure to get envious looks and lots of questions about price, power and where to get one.

If you want to see Chang’s car and other’s like it, you can attend the "green car" exhibit scheduled for Monterey Park’s Play Days on May 17 at Barnes Park.

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