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Montebello Pd Announces Death of K9

  • By David Barron

Montebello Police is marking the passing of a Carson, a K-9 Gun Detection Dog who served the police department for more than six years.

The police dog was born in May of 2007. He was attached to the Montebello Police Department in October of 2008 and served in the Crime Suppression Unit (CSU). He was assigned to Detective Alfred Martinez as a gun detection dog.
Detective Martinez and K9 Carson attended a five-week training course where Carson was certified as a gun detection dog. At the time, Carson was one of the only gun detection dogs east of the 710 Freeway with the exception of the Los Angeles Police Department and the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department.
Although assigned to the Montebello Police Department, Carson has assisted several law enforcement agencies in the San Gabriel Valley including the Sheriffs department and the FBI. Throughout his career, Carson located 51 guns and several gun parts, accessories and ammunition.
Over his career, Carson has participated in several demonstrations for the community and he was definitely a crowd pleaser when showing off his skills.
In 2010 Carson and Detective Martinez transferred to the Patrol Bureau and in 2012 they were transferred to the Detective Bureau all the while continuing to locate guns and gun parts.
Carson was set to retire in March of 2015 but in January of this year, a large tumor was detected on his spine. The tumor caused paralysis to the upper portion of his body. As a result, Carson was unable to raise his head and walk.
Police said Carson passed away on February 5th, 2015 with his favorite toy, his tennis ball that was given to him as a reward each time he located a firearm.
“Rest easy Carson, you will be missed.”
Source: Montebello Police Dept. announcement.

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