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Rosemead Celebrates Completion of Civic Center Complex Tues. March 27.

ROSEMEAD: The city is inviting residents and neighbors to join them in celebrating the completion of the first two phases of its civic center development with a ribbon cutting ceremony on Tuesday, March 27 at 5:30 p.m.

The project was completed despite delays resulting from the state legislature dissolving redevelopment agencies throughout the state.

By using redevelopment funds to support bonds, the city has been able to rebuild several old parks and swimming pools and other community facilities. This city is also planning a third phase of the civic center development, if funds are available.

In addition to the traditional ceremonies, the city will also have classic cars on display along with information booths, refreshments and a raffle.
Phases 1 and 2 of the project consist of rebuilding the parking lot pavement that serves city hall, Rosemead Community Center and the county library. The new parking area is located directly behind the library and ciy hall, just off of Valley Boulevard.

Besides repaving the parking area, the project consisted of removing a block wall that separated the three facilities and installing a pedestrian walkway that improves access between the three buildings. The project results in an increased number of parking spaces, new landscaping and improved traffic flow.

“The latest beautification project creates a more welcoming atmosphere for those visiting city hall, the library and the community center,” a city press release stated.

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