LIN WATCH: YouTube and Working With Kobe

For Jeremy Lin to be successful with the Los Angeles Lakers, he is going to have to fit in with Kobe Bryant and new coach Byron Scott. But he had more important work to attest to lately.

 Lin is now appearing in a five-minute YouTube video about his new role in the Golden State. It is a parody of a mini-drama based on what happens when Lin reads mean tweets about himself.
His friends eventually help him through the trauma with a few musical numbers. Now back to basketball.
With the Lakers coming off an unfathomable 55-loss season, Lin’s playing style can bring many good things to the Purple-and-Gold.
Naturally, his youth is a plus. With Bryant now being the old man on the court – entering his 19th NBA season – Lin can help down the final season stretch, especially at the end of games, because of his endurance.
Lin has also said he is willing to learn from Bryant – and even former MVP Steve Nash – and is “excited and anxious” to play with Bryant. Lin is also a dual threat in that he can pass and shoot, which is something Bryant could use. But let’s see what happens.
Some of the cons surrounding Lin is that both he and Bryant need the ball, with the latter not being a great passer. But they will have to take advantage of practices to work things out on the floor.
And neither are top-notch defenders. But there is still much time before the season to see who Scott will choose as his starting point guard. And if Nash at 40 gets the call, Lin will have to wait a little while longer to show what he can do.
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