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SPORTS FOR ALL: Do You Support High School Sports?

  • By Chuck Lyons

  Local high school fall sports teams are more than halfway through their seasons and California Interscholastic Federation Southern Section (CIFSS) has announced the date for the start of playoffs (more on that later in this column).

 This school year playoff groupings are being evaluated by all as a new way to get more balanced playoff games, rather than the old system based primarily on enrollment.

  The equity plan is based basically on record the past two years and the competition. The new way is worth the effort say people. It gives public schools who can't recruit a way to be more competitively balanced as a smaller private school who recruits and have many talented players would then move up in the divisions even though those schools are smaller enrollment-wise than maybe your local larger public school which would go down one or more divisions. 

  It's great to hear Mark Keppel High School is playing varsity football again. Let's hope it's good for the players who weren't too many so school cancelled competition for a short time. Mark Keppel players are to be commended for their efforts against the odds. The tough times should help them in their life journeys and again a lot of respect playing something you love to do when most people apparently don't support it.

  Pasadena Unified School District schools it has been reported by Pasadena Star-News newspaper have hired a district-wide athletic director to help the high schools Blair, Marshall, Muir and Pasadena to improve their sports teams by developing a plan for better facilties and support for the teams. Also the story reported there are very talented players who have left the district. The Pasadena coach said in that story that actually the academics is good and winning again would really help improve support for the teams. Of course, usually before you win you need to build support for the program from the campus, community and district.

  How about this, why don't you go to a high school sporting event this week? Fall sports includes boys and girls cross country, football, girls golf, girls tennis, girls volleyball and boys water polo. And most schools have three levels...varsity, junior varsity and freshmen sophomore teams. Lots of choices. Whether you go to a varsity football game under the lights or to a tennis match, your support will be deeply appreciated, especially the non football sports that usually don't get much of a crowd.

  Maybe you have a neighbor that may play sports or maybe they sing in choir or belong to one of the many different clubs on campus. Sometimes simply buying a discount card or ordering wrapping paper or cookie dough goes a long way to tell them you support your local youth. Showing up at a game would mean a lot more. Youth sincerely appreciate the support, and so do coaches who basically are year around now just to stay competitive even though they only get paid for a few months during the actual season. (more on coaches on an upcoming column.) Simply call your local high school and find out the next date a sport you like is playing. Most have free parking and free admission.

  The start of the CIFSS fall sports playoff dates are boys and girls cross country prelims in Riverside on Nov. 12, football is Nov. 11, girls golf is Oct. 24 for individual and Oct. 31 for team, girls tennis is Nov. 1 for team, and Oct. 31 for individuals, girls volleyball is Oct. 29 (wild card), and boys water polo is Nov. 8 (wild card).

  Coaches and athletic directors are invited at no charge to send in their varsity sports scores (final score and a couple of highlights with both first and last names of players) and a coach's quote to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

 Until next time, keep enjoying and supporting sports from youth to pros!



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