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Partridge Has Stellar Night At Toyota Speedway

  • By Shel Segal
IRWINDALE - 7/30/11 - It was definitely a night to savor.
Ryan Partridge of Rancho Cucamonga finished an incredible first place twice and second place another time in four races Saturday night at Toyota Speedway at Irwindale.
Partridge finished in the top spot of the Langers S-2 Series - a race he had never competed in - and in the all-important NASCAR King Taco Truck Series, where he picked up his fourth win in five tries and is just points behind the leader.
Partridge also came in second place in the Lucas Oil Slick Mist Late Models Series after leading for part of the race.
"It was a stellar night for us," Partridge said about his memorable performance. "We were able to prove we could dominate in several classes on the same night. It's very gratifying for the entire team that came together for these victories."
Partridge had won races in the NASCAR King Taco Truck Series on June 11 and 25 and July 16 before picking up another win Saturday night. He said this race turned out to be a rather easy win for him.
"The first 10 laps of that thing was ridiculous with a lot of banging and bumping of doors going around," he said. "But we were somehow able to finagle it to our advantage and get out on there. After that we were able to relax a bit."
Partridge still trails Connor Cantrell of Valencia by single digits for the truck series points lead.
"No matter how many races you win, it's always nail-biting to the end," the 2010 champion said.
And what about racing four times in one night?
"I'm a little physically drained," Partridge said. "I was born for this. I feel comfortable in being in the driver's seat. It's where I'd rather be."
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