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Partridge Takes Super Late Models Win

  • By Shel Segal
IRWINDALE - 9/11/11 - Ryan Partridge of Rancho Cucamonga captured a huge victory Saturday night with the season winding down: He finished in first place in the 75-lap Lucas Oil Slick Mist Super Late Models series at Toyota Speedway at Irwindale.
With the win, Partridge beat out series points leader Rod Johnson, Jr. Partridge was also ecstatic with the victory.
"We've been trying and trying to capture this one and it kept eluding us," Partridge said after the race. "I'm just happy to take this one to Victory Lane and I think I'll savor it for a few minutes before I come back to reality. It's been a tough season, and winning a lot last year has made me a target in all my races. So, it's nice to get this one."
What made the win even more impressive is that Partridge did it in his backup ride after a wreck in his main car while practicing Friday.
"That just shows the strength of my team," Partridge said. "I have a problem and crash a car and the team rallies around on short notice to get the other car ready. And what happens? We get a win."
Partridge wasn't as lucky in the NASCAR King Taco Super Truck Series race as it felt like déjà vu for him. Partridge just missed beating points leader Connor Cantrell by 0.255 seconds for his third straight loss and second place finish to the driver from Valencia.
"Now, this is frustrating," the 2010 champion said. "This is the guy we have to beat and we've lost to him twice in the past month by less than a second. It's getting really difficult to catch him if he keeps driving like he is. He's on fire and we are just milliseconds behind, which is not good enough. With not many races left this season, we need to hope he has a bad race and we can capitalize on it. But I believe in myself and in my team that we'll catch him."
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