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Final NASCAR 2016 Championship at Irwindale Raceway is Oct. 29

  • By Chuck Lyons

              By Doug Stokes, Irwindale Raceway

    Irwindale, Calif. - - The last time that the always-competitive Seidner's Collision Centers Irwindale Race Trucks raced it was still high summer almost three months ago (August 10 to be exact) and the top two of only three drivers to win races in the division in 2016, #78 Lucas McNeil from Saugus and #9 Connor Cantrell from Valencia, were competing hard.  Coming into Saturday's (0ct. 29) double points final race for the SCCIRT's the above two gentlemen are separated on the points chart by a tiny four points (472-468).

  That's 4 points apart after a full season and this Saturday there will be 100 points on the line for first place and 96 points on tap for second place. There is possibility of a tie. The tie-breaker in this case is second place finishes and that tally is 3 for McNeil, and 5 for Cantrell.
  It also means that Duarte driver #34 Dennis Arena, third in SCCIRT points at 444 going in, will need to stay very close to the front, not make any mistakes, and all the while watch for the lead pair to falter somewhere along the way to Saturday night's final checkered flag of the season.
  One more note about the above contest: it'll be run early on the night's schedule for one very good reason ... the debris that a Night of Destruction loads the racing surface up with would flatten every tire in the IRT field in a lap and half.

 After the final NASCAR track champion for 2016 is determined, the track will be turned over to the aforementioned one of Irwindale Speedway's patented
"Nights of Destruction", with an entire litany of laugh out loud, and yell your lungs out "Destruction" events. Here's the list, use your own imagination about the action in each:


Seidner's Collision Centers FIGURE 8 ENDURO,

Seidner's Collision Centers ENDURO FLAG POLE RACE,

Seidner's Collision Centers SKID PLATE CARS, and
the evening's flat-out crazed finale: TRAILER RACE.

  More information is available from Irwindale Speedway at

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