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'SEGAL's View From The Bleachers': BT Thrashes Gabrielino, Could Use Lights

  • By Shel Segal

Editor's Note: This will be a twice-a-month column on local prep sports by Sports Editor Shel Segal.

BoscoFootball1xSAN GABRIEL - After winning a close one by four points a week ago on the road against Glen A. Wilson High, the Don Bosco Technical Institute football team showed it could also blow out an opponent, hitting the end zone seven times and defeating visiting Gabrielino High, 49-16, at Gabrielino (I'll explain that one later) on Friday night in a CIF Southern Section nonleague game.

The win was applauded by Tiger coach Chris Shockley.
"We did great," Shockley said. "We came out and were fired up and ready to play a local rival."
Shockley said his team did well on all fronts.
"We played well on defense," he said. "We played well running the ball, throwing the ball and all the way around for us."
So, with two nonleague wins under their belts, how does Shockley think his team is doing thus far?
"We want to win a league championship," he said. "We just worry about this week and try to build for a bigger prize."
And that means getting ready for Gladstone High on Saturday at Bosco Tech at 1 p.m. Shockley said that's a team that has played the Tigers well over the past few attempts.
"The last few years we've had some good battles," Shockley said. "If we do the things we need to do to build the intensity and keep doing those things we've been doing, we'll be OK."

SO, WHY WAS BOSCO TECH THE home team at Gabrielino? It's because Bosco has no lights and poor bleacher seating, despite having a nice turf field.
BoscoFootball2xHowever, this is something Shockley would like to change. But standing in his way is the price tag.
"We have bleachers, but we need to get lights," he said. "There's nothing wrong with (the bleachers), but we would like to upgrade a get a more stadium-style seating."
But the lights are really the issue. Consider trying to practice after school in November, Shockley said.
"We don't get out until about 3:10 p.m.," he said. "We get started late and a lot of these guys are dedicated to their studies. I respect them for that, but we have to push practice back to a later time. We usually start about 4:30 p.m. It puts us right against sunset.
"Later in the season, that's where we get into trouble. We have to rent light and we have to use them the last month of the season."
CIF's solution this season is two home games on the road and two Saturday afternoon games. But Shockley is not a fan of either solution, including the Saturday games as these are high school - not college - players.
"It's tough on the kids," he said. "It's not like college. They then only have one day to recover and they're back in school. We'd just like to have our own home games on our own campus."
Now, Shockley does admit the lights and the bleachers both come with hefty price tags - and estimate of between $150,000 and $300,000 for the lights and $60,000 for the bleachers. But if anyone would like to make a donation for the lights and bleachers or buy them outright for the school, Shockley - who is also the school's athletic director - said to give him a call at Bosco Tech at (626) 940-2101.
"If we just had some new bleachers and new lights, this would be a great venue to host football games," he said.

AFTER SPARRING WELL AGAINST host La Canada High in a scrimmage on Sept. 1, Schurr High football coach Ben Negrete was hoping his team would get off to a fast start.
"It was encouraging," Negrete said. "We were fairly athletic. We ran around and hit a little bit, so it was encouraging."
So, how was everything looking?
"Defensively, we looked pretty solid and our quarterback, Edgar Jimenez, did an excellent job," Negrete said. "He looked poised and ran the offense and looks like he can handle the job."
And the offensive backfield and line?
"Running back Bradley Powell ran the ball pretty well and the offensive line did a descent job," he said.
And what problems did Negrete see out there?
"We made mental mistakes, the kind of things you'd expect from an inexperienced team, like missing blocking assignments, mistakes in passing coverage and people doing their assignments maybe just trying to do too much."
Unfortunately for the Spartans, as they came into their first game Friday night on the road against intra-city rival Cantwell Sacred Heart - a team they lost to in the season opener at home a year ago - the Spartans were shut out in a 20-0 loss.
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