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PREP FOOTBALL: Workman Outlasts Keppel, 28-24

  • By David Barron

Workman High School outlasted Mark Keppel High Aztecs 28 - 24,in a see-saw grid iron battle that had several spectacular plays and turnovers, too.

Keppel was hoping to win its second game of the season after beating one team last week in a home opener. But, it didn't happen for 2nd-year  coach Aaron Sepulveda. This was a non-league game.


The Aztecs struck first with a pass from junior quarterback Art Moreno to Derrick Hirose. In the next series of plays Keppel caught Workman behind the goal line picking up two more points.

Workman quicklymade a touchdown and brought the score to Keppel 9, Workman 7. At the end of the first half, Keppel held the lead at 16 - 14.

Keppe'ls Michael Higgins had several spectacular plays including 70 yard kick-off return for a touchdown in the second quarter. He repeated the trick near the end of the four quarter when he caught a Workman kick-off and returned it for a touchdown brining the score 29 - 24 with Workman leading.

The final score remain at 29-24 despite an attempt  for an onside kick by the Aztecs and penalties on Workman in the final minutes.



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