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Salgado A Force On Field For Moors

  • By David Armenta
ALHAMBRA - 10/13/2010 - The gazelle senses it is being hunted as it roams around the jungle and then once that feeling has passed the calmness goes over its body and that is when the lion pounces and conquers its latest victim.

That is how Alhambra High returning all-Almont League senior defensive and offensive lineman Chris Salgado conquers his opponents on the football field.

"He has been starting for us on the defensive side since he was a sophomore and I recognized that he has a motor and an energy that is his biggest asset that he gives us on the field and he is a huge part of our team and we would not be the same team without him," assistant coach Jacob Ochoa said.

Salgado has a switch that he turns on when game time comes around as he goes from a quiet respectful student off the field and gets into an animal mindset on.

"When it comes to the games I just want to get to the quarterback and play every play as good as I can," Salgado said.

Salgado is the quiet leader who is well respected by his teammates and they go to him when things are breaking down.

"He is someone we all look up to, he leads a lot through his actions and when he has something to say to us he gets our attention and that gets us in the right mindset," Moor junior quarterback Joshua Mendoza said.

His actions are heard throughout the stands as he makes vicious blocks and lead his running back downfield for scores.

"The running back is running the ball 30 yards downfield and he is running right behind him looking to get a block and that effort is invaluable," Ochoa said.

Coaches of the opposition also recognize that effort and his big presence on the field when La Canada coach Dan Yoder praised Salgado's abilities in his absence during one of the Moors two losses this season.

"I hate to see a kid hurt, but it was a huge benefit for us. That kid is a big deal in the middle for them and his absence hurt them," Yoder said.

He emulates his style of play to his favorite player in the National Football League, Demarcus Ware of the Dallas Cowboys. Ware is a star defensive end who made a name for himself in destroying quarterbacks in the league and that is what caught Salgado's eye in watching him on Sundays.

"I want to be like him, I am not as fast as him right now but I will get there eventually," Salgado said.

Coach Lou Torres believes the combination of Salgado's heart and his wanting to get better every day will get him on the field on Saturday's next year.

"His heart is as big as his body and he is the kind of kid that every coach would love to coach. I have had some really good left tackles and he is right up there with them," Torres said. "His extra effort on the field is what makes him special and that will get him playing on Saturday's."

Until than he is enjoying his final games in a Moors uniform and bonding with his teammates as much as he can.

"He is my partner in crime on the defensive line and we hang out after practice and have fun and he will play at some big school next year and our friendship will continue to last for a long time," senior defensive lineman Dominic Gonzalez.

He has a lot of support from his family who shows up to every game and they are the one's usually the loudest in the stands.

"They are always there at every game supporting me and they enjoy seeing me out there and my uncle Alfred encouraged me to play football my freshman year and he helps me out a lot with everything in my life," Salgado said.

Salgado is a well respected and humble student, and for his opponents they will never get a chance to know that side of his life because all they see is a person who attacks anyone on the opposite side of the ball. With all that combined his future should lead him to continue to prey on opponents in the college level on Saturdays.

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